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Caricatoon is a caricature artist online that makes your caricature and deliver it by email.
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  • caricature yourself online drawing

    Caricature Drawing 1

    The Caricature Drawing 1 (CD1) is a caricature from head to chest only in a standard colored cartoon caricature.

  • caricature yourself online drawing

    Caricature Drawing 2

    The Caricature Drawing 2 (CD2) is a caricature yourself from head to foot only in a standard colored cartoon caricature art.

  • caricature yourself online drawing

    Caricature Drawing 3

    The Caricature Drawing 3 (CD3) is a digital caricature of yourself from head to foot with a paint like color.

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    What is a Caricature?

    A caricature has different styles depending on the artist. There are different expectations of a caricature yourself, so here's a definition about the caricature that you can find online.

    (verb) make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something).

    Our online caricature drawing style is different from others that you may have seen. Our caricature is a cartoon like caricature. We don't do too much exageration on your face features.

    Our personalized or custom caricatures are digital made but drawn by hand by our caricature artist.

    caricature yourself drawing online


    Hi G, Thanks for everything!!! We are fully stoked!!!!
    If you need a testimonial please use our photo and caricature. Awesome!

    It's awesome!
    As always I am extremely pleased with your work....You captured my face and I am humbled.

    Wow! The caricature is perfect. Thank you.
    You are still amazing after all these years!

    -Love, Ernest
    WhooHooo.That is fantastic!
    Many thanks

    It's perfect!! Thank you so much

    Hopefully you'll see a bit of a spike in orders in the next few days.When I made the caricature my profile pic on Facebook I got a lot of messages asking where I got it, so I posted a link to your site in a comment on the picture.

    The caricature turned out great! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to create it for us! I would definitely recommend this!

    Your work is fantastic and we will be recommending you to all our guests at the function.
    Many thanks!

    -David and Dvora


    We appreciate everyone who got in touch with us asking if we're still in service. YES WE ARE! We just moved to this new site! We just moved from my previous site ( because I sold the website. But with this, it highlights what the Caricatoons family can do through this website. Process, artwork, quality, and even the people behind our previous works are the same. The changes is just we now have our own website, own name for our service, and own name!
    Our deepest thanks to everyone who kept on getting our service! Thank you so much!
    You may now place your orders and we'll get right on it!

    G Dumaguing

    Latest Works

    Monday, September 3, 2018

    Tess the Superwoman Caricature

    Tess the Superwoman Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2

    Upgrades: N/A

    Details Provided:
    a superwoman.  Please use the attached super woman caricature i got from your website.  I love the outfit,.  Tess is a bit conservative so this is perfect for her but not too masculine please. . Same hairstyle but change the color to black.  One hand will be holding a 'bayong' with full of vegetables (she's a super woman in the kitchen) and the other holding a flag/banner with maroon print that says "Villa Gracia - Agdangan" . Banner style is up to your artist,  it's a property she donated for the homeless.

    Everything is ok.  thanks so much again.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Bride and Groom - Wedding Caricature

    Wedding Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2

    Details Provided:
    Please put us in wedding attire similar to the pictures. As for the pose, I would like it to just be a normal standing pose like the one in the first picture. I provided the other three pictures because they were better lighting and gave a better idea of colors and maybe of facial features.

    Thank you G! we really enjoy the caricature!  It looks great!

    Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017

    Female American Astronaut Caricature

    American Astronaut Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD3
    Upgrades: Background

    Details Provided:
    I want the orange uniform that the astronaut is in. I would like my name on the pocket of the uniform.
    I would like a caricature of myself as an astronaut.
    I would like to be standing up holding the shiny helmet. I have attached the pictures that should be used for reference as astronauts and myself.
    I also like the background that she has and the fact that she is standing I prefer nothing in front of me so that you can see my full body and I would be holding the helmet in my hands.

    Wednesday, February 15, 2017

    1 Direction Fan Girl Caricature

    1 Direction Fan Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD3
    Upgrade: Background

    Details Provided:
    Dressed in hip hop outfit and pose listening to earphones- short skirt as opposed to pants, emphasis on big curly hair,

    Background to contain images/themes of: 1D (1 direction boy band),""Hollywood"" walk of fame star with her name TIMNA on it, diamonds, sparkles and bling and MUSICAL notes

    Your work is fantastic and we will be recommending you to all our guests at the function!

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016

    Snow White Caricature

    Snow White Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2


    Details Provided:I want my beautiful smile to show and I want to be dressed like Snow White standing with a book of fairytales and a pen in her hand. I want my hair long.
    Colors: I want the authentic colors of the Snow white


    Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Malou the World's Best Organizaer in Gym Clothes Caricature

    Malou the World's Best Organizaer in Gym Clothes Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2

    Details Provided:
    the way we actually envision Malou's caricature is with her wearing gym clothes (maybe tights and leotards) but with a chicken drumstick in one hand while the other can either have a dumbbell or a clipboard. We’d also like to include an unbalanced buffet table as her background with food slipping off it. Also, we’d like to include somewhere on the picture the words “World’s best organizer”.

    Malou’s favourite colour is blue… Could you ensure that the picture will predominantly have different shades of blue.Also, instead of a dumbbell or clipboard, please have a laptop on one hand.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2016



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