Hi everyone,

My name is G Dumaguing, I'm the person behind Caricatoons.me where you can have your photos turn into a caricature with our caricature artist.

I'm a freelancer based in the Philippines, I'm an award winning travel blogger behind Exotic Philippines.info and of course I have my YouTube Channel too!

Why am I sharing this? Just to show you that I am not fake, I am real, you have my social media accounts, my channel, my sites that you can hold on to, to be rest assured of my service that it will deliver. How come? Because the internet is where I work, a bit of damage online can make a total disaster for my life.

I started the caricature making way back 2012 at my old tech blog BloggersTech.com but since I sold that, I have to make this new site and took me awhile to do it since I have my own clients too - not about caricature. But here we are, we're back! We have our own site, our own name.

For those who thought it was CARICATOON.ME (without S) well you're right. I thought I can just have this on my travel blog so I stopped paying for that domain and now someone else got it. So we just add an S since our old customers remember it as Caricatoon.

Rest assured, we are legit. We have been around for years. And of course, we do deliver.

Order your caricature today!


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