Before placing your order, please make sure to read the following to avoid any future problems.

* We are previously at Bloggers Tech blog. Same owner, same artist, different site.
* Prices may change anytime.
* Custom Cartoon Caricature turnaround is 10-15 days.
*Upgrades – if you wish to ADD more features in our caricature. Example, add a background in the digital caricature. By default, our custom caricatures background are blank or white.
* All our caricatures from our caricature maker that are placed in this website are copyrights protected by Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derives 3.0 Philippines License.
* All caricatures will be basing and be produced from photo to caricature. Poses, attires, body type, etc. can be requested to be different.
* Your are allowed to use the caricature for personal use only. You may give this as a gift, a souvenir but not as a logo for business, unless you bought the copyrights.
* If you want to be able to edit the caricature yourself. Buy the PSD file.
*A $3 PayPal charge is added to your order since PayPal do charge this transaction.
* Once we started your order, we confirmed your order, and/or delivered the order. THERE IS NO REFUND. Make sure you are specific with what you want.



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