How it Works?

Find out how Caricatoon orders works. We guarantee that you get what you paid for, and we do deliver. We've been doing this since 2012, we never fail.
Caricatoon How it Works

Step 1: Choose a Caricature Drawing.
Know what you want, and which caricature drawing fits to your budget. Please remember that our caricature charge is per person or character.

Step 2: Pay via PayPal
Once you've selected the caricature drawing you like, just click on the ADD TO CART button on the selected Caricature Drawing page. Once done adding all the package and/or upgrades you like just go back to your cart and pay via Paypal.

Once paid, PayPal will give you a TRANSACTION NUMBER. If you missed it, now worries, check your PayPal email, PayPal will e-mail you after you pay, and you can also find the number there.

Step 3: Fill Out the Form
Go to ORDERS page on this website, fill out the form. Be specific and clear as you can. If you can provide photos, links to how you want to look like then that would be really great. If you don't know how to publicly share photos online and send us the link, or feel free to email your photos when we contact you.

Step 4: Order Confirmation
Our support will contact you within 48 hours about you order. We may need to clarify details but if we feel like we have all that we need from you, we may be emailing you to confirm your order. If you forgot to include other details please inform us right away.

That day is the start of the number of days we'll count to deliver your order. 

Note: this is your chance to backout and ask for a refund. Once we confirm we're starting with your order, there's no longer a refund since we've already started doing the hard work.

Step 5: Caricature Drawing
We'll start drawing your caricature,

Step 6: Caricature Delivery after 10-15 days.
We deliver within 10-15 days after we confirm your order. Once you order, you're allowed to make a request of change ONCE. One minor change is allowed.

Note: Express is also available, so for those who requested and added the express, you will get your caricature in a few days by our caricature artist.



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